Alexa on my face is here! Echo Frames Review

In this article, I will detail my journey to purchase and obtain the exclusive Echo Frames from Amazon. I will discuss what Echo Frames does, how it works, and if I recommend Echo Frames. This is an unbiased review as I paid for Echo Frames out of my pocket.

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Alexa Skill FAQs

In this post, I will discuss the basics of Alexa Skills for a non-technical perspective.

• What is an Alexa Skill and why should I care?
• How to name your Alexa Skill according to Amazon’s guidelines
• Minimum things you need to get started creating an Alexa Skill
• Can I create an Alexa Skill without coding?
• Most often asked question about Alexa Skills

What is an Alexa Skill and why should I care?

An Alexa Skill is similar to an app on your smartphone. You can enable and disable skills with your voice, most skills (if they have a unique name) come enabled by default. The vast majority of Alexa Skills are created by 3rd party developers, not Amazon.

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